Hario V60-02 matte black stainless

Hario V60-02 matte black stainless

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Hario V60, the symbol of alternative brewing and specialty coffee. 

This is the matte black stainless steel version of the popular dripper by Hario. Regarded by many as the king of filter coffee, the V60 has a conical shape and groves on the inside, to provide an easier flow of water. It is made of a light, but durable metal, which offers good thermal conductivity. The silicone base will protect your mug.

The size 02 is ideal for brewing 300 - 500 ml of coffee.

Use with Hario V60-02 filters.

Discover the world of specialty filter coffee today!

Item specifics

Manufacturer Hario Co., Ltd. (JPN)
Material Stainless steel / silicone
Color Matte black
Packaging dimensions
Use Hario V60 filters
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