Colombia Danilo Perez
Colombia Danilo Perez

Colombia Danilo Perez

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ROAST STYLE: Espresso or filter coffee.

FLAVOR DESCRIPTION: Honey, vanilla, funky

VARIETY: Caturra

PROCESS: Semi-washed.
Anaerobic fermentation 200 hours.

ORIGIN: Huila department, Colombia.

PRODUCER: Danilo Perez

FARM: Finca La Cabaña


This lot of coffee is a result of 5 years of experience with coffee fermentation that Danilo Perez has been doing on his farm La Cabaña.

After harvesting, coffee cherries are sorted by hand for any defects, before they are depulped without water. The coffee seeds are then fermented inside of plastic barrels, which are sealed shut with a one way valve. This means no oxygen can get in and as the coffee ferments all the oxygen is pushed out of the barrels. Getting to an oxygen free environment takes them about 24-25 hours. Coffees are left to ferment anaerobically for 200 hours which is extraordinary.

After fermentation the coffees are dried under the sun without washing, as you would in semi-washed process. When parchment coffees are dried, they are left for two to three months, so that coffee water activity and humidity become stable and ready for export. Danilo also does milling and final hand sorting of green coffees.

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