Colombia Arnulfo Hoyos
Colombia Arnulfo Hoyos

Colombia Arnulfo Hoyos

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ROAST STYLE: Filter coffee.

FLAVOR DESCRIPTION: Strawberries, jasmine aroma, bright citrusy acidity, caramel.

VARIETY: Pink Bourbon

PROCESS: Fully washed. Anaerobic fermentation 80 hours.

ORIGIN: Huila department, Colombia.

PRODUCER: Arnulfo Hoyos

FARM: Finca El Diviso



This is a fantastic coffee produced by Arnulfo Hoyos, in collaboration with Danilo Perez, unique, that it breaks all perceptions of origin.

The variety of coffee, that Arnulfo grows is Pink Bourbon. It is a rare hybrid of Yellow and Red Bourbon found almost exclusively in and around Huila. The cherries of these coffees display a distinct characteristic from the rest - when ripe they are pink!

Pink Bourbons are quite difficult to produce, because the gene that expresses their pink color is recessive and is easily overpowered by the red and yellow genes. You have to isolate these trees away from any other crop and there are very few producers, who can do this in scale.

The reward for their work however, is a fantastic coffee, that is a bit more resistant to rust, produces a good amount of yield and doesn't require too much fertilizer. The flavor is great, with bright fruity notes and pleasant florals, which reminds of Ethiopian coffees.

Arnulfo processed the Pink Bourbon in the washed process. Coffees are carefully hand-sorted before pulping and then fermented anaerobically in plastic bags for 80 hours before washing and drying.

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