Colombia Arboleda family
Colombia Arboleda family

Colombia Arboleda family

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ROAST STYLE: Espresso or filter coffee.

FLAVOR DESCRIPTION: Red apples, smooth and balanced, hazelnuts, tangerine.

VARIETY: Caturra

PROCESS: Red honey

ORIGIN: Municipalidad de Bolivas, Farallones region, Antioquia, Colombia.

PRODUCER: The Arboleda family

FARM: Finca Los Alpes

ELEVATION: 1650-1950 m


Directly under the “Farallones del Citará” mountains and surrounded by the Cochuana forest there’s a wonderful piece of land called Finca Los Alpes. The farm is in southern Antioquia, only a short drive from the town Bolivar and not far from Medellín. magically protected by clouds.

The massive mountains provide a unique microclimate: from the western side humid air-streams are coming from climbing up the slopes from the Cauca River Canyon. This special climate enables the coffee trees to produce coffee all year round, as it provides two and then cherries twice a year. Several creeks, rivers and waterfalls are coming directly from the mountains providing abundant irrigation.

Finca Los Alpes was established in 1974 and today 100 hectares are under coffee (all Caturra variety), while the rest of the farm is naturally preserved. Doña Elvia and Don Juan Arboleda manage the finca together with their children Juan Alvaro and Olga.


This lot was processed using the red honey process. This means that, when the coffee beans are removed from inside of the cherry, they will remove the skin of the fruit and some but not all of the mucilage from the cherries.

The mucilage, which covers the beans, is very sticky and sweet. Then, the coffee is not washed as it traditionally would, but dried directly. A shady drying spot is chosen to enable a soft and steady drying of the beans.

As a result of this long and continuous drying phase, red honey processed coffees are in general very aromatic and sweet.

There are different types of honey processes depending on how much mucilage is kept on the beans. They range from white and yellow honey, with just a little bits of mucilage, to red and black honey where more mucilage is kept before drying.

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