FOX Coffee Project s.r.o. is a specialty coffee roastery based in Prague, Czech Republic. We source the highest quality coffee beans and delicately roast them on our 5 kg Probat roaster. Our aim with roasting coffee is to find and highlight the particular flavor profile of each coffee microlot we work with.


At the moment we are working hard to roast our first coffee, which will be available for sale soon. We will keep you informed on this website.

We update our coffee offer regularly with new coffee arrivals. By doing that, we can guarantee a higher diversity of coffees, that may come from both larger coffee productions, as well as small and very exceptional microlots. At the same time we only offer the freshest coffees, which come from regions, that most recently had their harvest.


We love working with businesses who share our passion and dedication to quality in coffee. Drop us a quick message at and we will contact you back in no time to talk about the particular solutions for your business.


Would you like freshly roasted coffee delivered regularly to your office or home?
Simply let us know how often and how much coffee you’d like to receive. We’ll take care of the rest!


Currently we offer these workshops:

• manual brewing: beginner

• manual brewing: intermediate

• tasting and evaluating coffee: beginner

• tasting and evaluating coffee: intermediate

Contact us at
(+420) 776 262 274

FOX Coffee Project s.r.o.
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